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Infrared patio heater – heating for everyone

With an infrared patio heater from Wishco, you will always have the guarantee of a good temperature on your patio.

Infrared patio heater

You have probably experienced it more than once; you were sitting outside on a summer´s evening and all of a sudden you noticed the chill creeping in on you. With an infrared patio heater from Wishco you do not have to move inside when it gets cooler – actually, you can use your Wishco all year round. In this way, you will enjoy your outdoor space even more.

With an infrared patio heater, the days of freezing on the terrace are gone. A patio heater from Wishco running on electricity emits infrared warmth, which will quickly create a nice temperature. At the same time, Wishco emits next to no reddish, residual light, as you may know it from other patio heaters.

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The perfect heating lamp, that fits in anywhere. It is small, but the effect can be felt, for MINI covers up to 17 square meters. A Nordic design and a powerful effect, that warms you up, but at the same time it is not hard on the environment. And it does not cost much - not in terms of operation, either.

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Why choose an infrared patio heater over gas?

A patio heater using infrared heating waves and runs on electricity creates a significantly more effective warmth compared to patio heaters running on gas.

When you switch on the infrared heat, it only takes a moment before everyone in the comfort zone feels a comfortable warmth. This is what an infrared patio heater excels at, compared to patio heaters running on gas. With an infrared patio heater from Wishco, it is only those and that which is hit by the infrared waves, which is warmed, and not the air itself. This way, there is no waste of heat with a Wishco.

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Wishco Pro is thought through in every detail. The outer design - in weather-proof aluminium - is quite sharp and makes PRO very unique. It has a reduced residual, red glare. With the included remote control, you are in control of the heating.

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Make a difference for the environment with an infrared patio heater

An infrared patio heater is much cheaper in terms of operation compared to a model that runs on gas, and at the same time a Wishco patio heater is not rough on the environment.

As soon as you flip the switch, the waves will hit you, but without wasting energy – that is good for the environment. With Wishco you will get a patio heater which will save you money and it will also be gentle on the environment.

You can save more than 980 EURO a year, if you decide to swap your patio heater running on gas for a Wishco running on electricity. Wishco uses significantly less energy compared to other patio heaters on the market, because it is equipped with the very best technologies.

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The Wishco-series has a smaller CO2-footprint compared to patio heaters running on gas. This is due to the lower energy consumption, but also due to the fact that the infrared heating waves warm up only you – not the air surrounding you. The warmth is focused on you and it does not just rise up into the air.

Do you need heating on your terrace, then, without a doubt, you need an infrared patio heater from Wishco.

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Find the infrared heating lamp that suits your needs

With a Wishco-patio heater you will be guaranteed long-lasting outdoor heating. You will get a 3-year warranty and a high quality at a great price, and you will have your choice among different models and colours, so that you will get exactly the infrared patio heater that best suits your style and your needs.

Regardless of which model you choose; in the future you will have the guarantee of a high performance and a patio heater which you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. The timeless and minimalist design makes the infrared patio heater easy to integrate on any balcony or terrace.

Wishco has been developed for the Nordic climate. Therefore, it can endure wind and weather in our part of the world. No problem.

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