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Patio heater in a great design

In our part of the world, even the loveliest of summer days can get chilly, when the sun sets. And once it does, it is quite often not quite as cosy anymore to be outside - unless you have a patio heater from Wishco. 

What are the advantages of a Wishco patio heater?

With a patio heater you can make your balcony or terrace more applicable. A summer night with the family or with friends can be extended and made cosy, because it is not necessary to go inside once it gets chilly

Thus, it is also no longer essential whether it is springtime, the middle of summer, or the beginning of the fall season, for with a Wishco patio heater you can be outside many more days of the year - including outside the main season.

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Get a terrace heater which is designed for the Nordic climate

You do not have to worry if a Wishco can stand being outside in the Nordic weather conditions – because all of our models will be doing fine. They have been designed for the climate which we have in Scandinavia, so therefore they have no problem withstanding rain, sleet, and wind. Wishcos patio heaters are not sensitive to wind, so that even though we get a lot of wind in Scandinavia, it will not affect the efficiency of the patio heater. Therefore, you can use your Wishco all year round – regardless of the wind and weather.

With a patio heater from Wishco running on electricity you will be guaranteed a good infrared warmth on the patio and the balcony for many years to come. When you need outdoor heating, choose the best quality, and go for the affordable solutions – like the ones available from Wishco.

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Which patio heater do you prefer?

With Wishco, you can get a patio heater that suits your needs and wishes.

The Wishco-series covers up to 14, 17 or 22 square meters and therefore you can choose the Wishco that best suits your outdoor space. Their technical functionalities, such as the included remote control, vary, but they all have in common that they come in a Nordic, minimalist design and in the highest quality. No matter what your balcony or patio looks like, you will quickly find the Wishco that fits in.

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Heating lamp with infrared waves

A patio heater from Wishco runs on electricity and has been developed with the newest and best technology, which uses infrared heat waves for heating. The way Wishco products work is that the infrared heat waves only warm up what they actually reach. Thereby, you, your family and your guests will experience that you will feel the warmth immediately, as soon as the electric outdoor heating has been switched on. Because of the infrared heat waves, you will have the guarantee of a significantly better and higher heating efficiency, compared to patio heaters running on gas.

Wishcos heating lamps