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Wishco is heating for everyone. That is why we of course have a Wishco, which will fit your needs perfectly.

FLEX black produktbillede 03 1920x1080
FLEX black produktbillede 04 1920x1080

Flexibility and freedom


Wishco FLEX doesn’t just bring the heat, it is also easily movable, and gives you the freedom to find your favorite outdoor spot. The heavily reduced infrared light and the included remote control, helps keep the comfort at an all time high.

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MINI white T produktbillede 1920x1080
MINI white produktbillede 1920x1080
MINI black T produktbillede 1920x1080
MINI black produktbillede 1920x1080

Small, snazzy, and powerful


Wishco MINI is Nordic to the core. It is small, simple, nice-looking – with an efficiency that can be felt. Wishco MINI covers an area of up to 17 square meters.
Wishco Mini is the obvious choice in terms of environmental responsibility and quality.

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PRO champagne T produktbillede 1920x1080
PRO champagne produktbillede 1920x1080
PRO black T produktbillede 1920x1080
PRO black produktbillede 1920x1080
PRO silver T produktbillede 1920x1080
PRO silver produktbillede 1920x1080

Exclusive, Nordic elegance


Wishco Pro is thought through in every detail. The outer design – in weather-proof aluminium – is quite sharp and makes Wishco PRO very unique. It has a reduced residual, red glare. With the included remote control, you are in control of the heating.

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MASTER black T produktbillede 1920x1080
MASTER black produktbillede 1920x1080
MASTER silver T produktbillede 1920x1080
MASTER silver produktbillede 1920x1080

Strong and stylish


Wishco MASTER warms you up – wherever you may wish. Are you having a cosy time on the terrace, tinkering in the garage, working on a crafts project in the shed or hosting a small party in the gazebo? Wishco MASTER is with you all the way and covers up to a total of 22 incredible square meters.

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