Basepod stand

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The freedom to choose how you would like to be warmed. You will get that with the elegant Basepod. Perfect for the even surfaces, suitable for the patio, the terrace, or the balcony.

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More about Basepod
With the Basepod, you can place the heating and move it around as you wish.
It´s as simple and easy as that. This is freedom.

The elegant stand is perfect for your even surfaces such as the terrace, the balcony, the boathouse, or the gazebo. Also, the stand weighs 9 kg, so it will be well grounded. The Basepod is manufactured out of stainless steel so that it - like all our other heating lamps - can withstand the Nordic weather. Also, it is just very nice to look at.

The basepod is delivered in to seperat packages - foot and pole.
The parts can be easily disassempled or put together, for flexibel relocation of your heater.

Weight: 9,2 kg.
Height: Flexibel from 1140 mm. to 2050 mm.
Foot: ø 450 mm.

Heater for your stand