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How your Wishco works

We are being serious when we talk about quality - with regards to the outer parts of the heater, but also in particular the inside part of it. It is the inside part that creates the effect - and efficiency is called for in the cold north. At the same time, we must make the most of the energy. Therefore, our heaters are made with the best technology - actually we developed it ourselves. Therefore, we know that it works.

Infrared heat waves

The easiest way for us to explain why it is that Wishco trumps most other patio heaters - and in particular, the ones based on the use of gas - is definitely by describing how Wishco actually warms up an area.

We are sure that you know the feeling of sitting outside on a lovely summer’s day, and all of a sudden, the cosiness has taken over, and you forgot to bring a warm sweater for the cooler evening. In the old days, the patio heater was turned on - and it ran on gas, it only managed to warm some of you around the table and you did not want to get too close to it either.

Wishco is a patio heater that uses infrared heat waves instead - and it runs on electricity. The heat waves only warm up what they can actually reach. Not the air or the sparrows in the bushes. Also, it heats up fast, and the warmth is efficient. How is that possible, you might ask?

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Wishcos heaters are made with CarboTek®, carbon-based heating elements, where coal fibres play an important part. The performance is high in the heating elements as it is, but we have raised the bar and placed a halogen-based gas in an interaction with the heating element - and that combination enables the heater to provide warmth for everyone in the comfort zone in a matter of seconds.

This is not just hot air. The Irish QQI have carried out a test, concluding that the CarboTek®-heating element warms up our skin more efficiently, compared to many other technologies on the market. We appreciate that - and we are certain, so will you.

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You do not have to worry about the annoying, red glare from the heater when you buy a Wishco-heater. We ourselves find it quite annoying, and therefore we have done something about it. Our Low-glare® technology makes sure that the red, residual light is significantly reduced (50-55 lux). The atmosphere need not be ruined, when you wish to keep warm.


To us, heating technology is especially about making the most of energy. Ideally, the energy that we transfer into the heater, should also come out of the heater, in the form of warmth. This is precisely how infrared heat works - the IR-technology. Less electricity consumption, more efficiency, a significantly better use of the energy. This warms our green hearts.

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