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You are guaranteed a product warranty and possibly a price guarantee with Wishco

3-year warranty on Wishco-heating lamps - and a 3-year warranty on accessories. And we do not shy away from providing a price guarantee, should you find a Wishco patio heater at a cheaper price somewhere else. Just let us know.

Product warranty

The Wishco-heating lamp is made out of quality materials - and therefore we know that it is durable. Should your Wishco-heating lamp, contrary to our expectations, give up ahead of its time, we will carry out repairs or provide you with a new heater. There is no reason for you to be without your patio heater, if we have any say in the matter.

Of course, we have a couple of conditions, which are mandatory, if the warranty is to apply.
Here they are.

1. If the damage or fault is caused by an error in production, it has to be reported within a timeframe of 3 years -
2 years in case it is accessories, then the warranty applies, and we will repair the product. However, the warranty does not apply in case of small deviations in the products nature, if it does not have any influence on the use of the product, or if the damage was caused by abnormal environmental conditions or inappropriate operation conditions. Neither does your warranty apply if you have installed the product wrongly, used it wrong, or if you have not followed the instructions for use properly, and therefore the product has been damaged.
2. It is up to us to decide if your Wishco-heating-lamp should be repaired, or if it should be replaced by a new patio heater. Therefore, you must send the product to us, so that we can take a closer look at the damages. You will have to cover any risks related to shipping yourself, and we do not reimburse expenses for shipping, transport, travel, and work in connection with the shipping of the item. You will have to include a proof of purchase in the shape of an invoice or a receipt, the date of delivery and a detailed description of the problem with the product.
In case of a repair or replacement of the heating lamp we will keep the parts that were replaced or the entire heating lamp.
3. If you have not had an authorized Wishco-service technician working on the repair of the heating lamp, or if you did not do it yourself, the warranty does not apply. If the heating lamp has been fitted with spare parts, additions or accessories which are not original Wishco-products and this has caused a fault, the warranty does not apply either. If the type plate or the production item number has been removed or made illegible, the warranty will not apply either.
4. If damages or faults have come from wrong installation, inappropriate handling, the mechanical parts have been damaged (especially on the heating lamp itself), or if the instructions for installation, mounting or operation have not been adhered to, the warranty does not apply.
5. Once you have made use of your warranty, the time period will not be prolonged or reset. The warranty period for built-in spare parts ends on the expiration date of the warranty for the entire product. If a damage or fault cannot be remedied, or if the remedy of the fault or damage is rejected or delayed without due cause by us, a replacement of equal value will be delivered to you, if you wish to receive a replacement. In case of delivery of a replacement we reserve the right to lay claim to a suitable compensation for the use of the heater in the operation time that has elapsed, because the lifetime of the heating elements in terms of hours in operation may have been minimized.

The warranty conditions are applicable from the 01-01-2020 for heaters or other Wishco-products bought in an EU/EFTA country, even if they are used outside the EU/EFTA. The warranty conditions have no influence on the ordinarily applicable, statutory warranty conditions.

We will match the price

If you have found a Wishco-heating lamp or an accessory at a cheaper price in a physical retail store or on a webshop, we will match the price. All you have to do is to send the documentation to us via before your purchase or 14 days after at the latest.

When do we match the price?
- The price must include delivery to the curb.
Carrying the product upstairs, installation and disposal are extra services, and they are not covered by the price guarantee.
- The item must be in stock at the competitor’s warehouse.
- The price guarantee does not apply in when the item is on sale in sales such as queue deals, opening offers or sales with only a limited number of items.
- The price guarantee does not apply in case of an overall offer from Wishco and it cannot be combined with other offers or discounts from Wishco.
- The price guarantee does not apply to offers where the competitor demands:
1) Some sort of club membership
2) Purchase in connection with auctions
3) If the offer is made by a company which mainly sells products in wholesale.
- The item must be covered by the applicable rules for guarantees, customer right protection, toll, and VAT in your country (EU and EFTA). Countries outside the EU and EFTA are not included in the Wishco price guarantee.
- The documentation which you send to us must include the price of the product, where it can be purchased and the date of the offer.

Any doubts as to if we will match the price? Send your documentation anyway - we´ll take a look and evaluate your options. If you have other questions regarding the price guarantee, you are welcome to send us an e-mail at

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