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Wishco FLEX doesn’t just bring the heat, it is also easily movable, and gives you the freedom to find your favorite outdoor spot. Get your heat with FLEX and enjoy the freedom.

  • FLEX black produktbillede 03 1920x1080 Crno
  • 2000 vati
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More about FLEX:
When we say FLEX is movable, it’s not just “hot air”. FLEX brings heat everywhere and can be safely placed on any stable surface – Just grab it and move it to the place where you need some extra warmth. Thanks to the minimal red-light glare, it can easily be used both indoor and outside, without spoiling the comfy vibes.

FLEX is of course easy to use: Just press the button and it’s on. You can easily adjust the heat via the included remote control. To hot? Just turn it down to 1. To cold? Just turn it back up to 2.

Product details:
Effect: 2000 watt
Covers up to 12 kvm
Size: (HxWxD)
- 103 x 17 x 6,5 cm .
- 2,4 x 26,8, x 20,5 cm. (stand)
Weight: 4,2 kg
Tilt-function: turn of at +/- 15 degree angle

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