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Wishco – heat for everyone

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Wishco FLEX doesn’t just bring the heat, it is also easily movable, and gives you the freedom to find your favorite outdoor spot. The heavily reduced infrared light and the included remote control, helps keep the comfort at an all time high.

Bring FLEX with you on the balcony, terrasse, garden or the summer cottage. FLEX is with you all the way -the rest is up to you.

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The perfect heating lamp, that fits in anywhere. It is small, but the effect can be felt, for MINI covers up to 17 square meters. A Nordic design and a powerful effect, that warms you up, but at the same time it is not hard on the environment. And it does not cost much - not in terms of operation, either.

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PRO is very special. Exclusive in its minimalist design in aluminium and in three unique colours. PRO warms you up with a minimal loss of energy, and at the same time the red, annoying residual glare is significantly reduced, so that the cosiness does not just evaporate. You can adjust the heating with the remote control and make it meet your individual needs.

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Wishco MASTER warms you up - wherever you may wish. Are you having a cosy time on the terrace, tinkering in the garage, working on a crafts project in the shed or hosting a small party in the gazebo? Wishco MASTER is with you all the way and covers up to a total of 22 incredible square meters.

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My Wishco - inspire others and share your warm moments.

Have you been creating the cosiest corner on your terrace? Does your barbeque party get even better in the late hours, when you do not have to move the party inside?
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Wishco is Nordic - on the outside and on the inside Wishco is heating with an attitude, a sturdy "personality” and visions when it comes to the environment. Wishco is simple and quality conscious. Wishco is heating for everyone. That is how we like to introduce ourselves. It´s what we are built of - after all, we are called Wishco Innovation.

It is our mission that heating should be for everyone, and heating should not be at the expense of our climate. At the same time, we would hate it if it were to be said that it is hard on your hard-earned money to get warmed up in the North. No, Wishco is environmentally conscious, safe heating for everyone.

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