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Patio heater to be mounted on the wall

Everyone loves to be outside, and regardless of whether your outdoor space is a balcony, a terrace, or a garden, they have one thing in common: Even the loveliest summer evenings can become quite chilly. Therefore, you need a patio heater. Wishcos patio heater for the wall makes it easy, fuss-free, and quick to get warm, when you wish to enjoy the evening outside - and no matter how your outdoor space has been designed, you will be able to install a wall-mounted patio heater.

The Wishco patio heater is available as three different models, all with brackets included, which make it easy to install your patio heater on your wall - whatever your need may be, we will have a suitable patio heater.

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MINI has been developed in the North and for the North. There is a special focus on the minimalistic design, so that MINI suits your outdoor space and your wall.

The patio heater is available in the form of two models, 1500 watt and 2000 watt, and it covers up to 17 square meters. As the name indicates, MINI is small and does not weigh much. Actually, it only measures 460 x 190 x 75 cm, and it has a weight of 2.2 kg. The double-layer lacquered surface and the SK1-approved security classification make MINI the perfect wall-mounted patio heater.

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Some outdoor environments are tougher than others, and if, for instance, your outdoor space is close to the sea, Pro will be the perfect patio heater for you. You see, PRO has a triple-layer corrosion surface treatment and a density classification of IP 65/66 which makes it ideal for a demanding and rough outdoor environment, and it can resist salt, water, and wind.

PRO is available with 2000 watt and it covers up to 17 square meters. A remote control is included. PRO is the best you can get if you want a wall-mounted patio heater.

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Wishcos flagship terrace heater, MASTER, is perfect for you if you would like to make the absolute most of having a wall-mounted patio heater. It comes with built-in heating regulation and a timer functionality, and it can be installed on any wall on which you might like to have it, problem-free.

MASTER is available in the form of two models, 2000 watt and 2500 watt, and it covers up to a total of 22 square meters. This patio heater for installation on a wall comes with a double-layer-lacquered surface, it is SK1-approved in terms of security, and a remote control is included.

MASTER is the perfect wall-mounted patio heater, and it is for you if you want it all.

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Developed especially for the Scandinavian climate

All Wishco patio heaters for mounting on walls are developed for the Nordic climate, and therefore they are particularly resistant to wind and weather and can hang outside all year round. Furthermore, the patio heater has been developed so that they can be mounted on all kinds of walls and you will not have to depend upon special brackets or other specific items. You can install your Wishco patio heater on all kinds of walls.

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Clever options

If you want to benefit even more from the thought-through innovations related to your patio heater, you should consider investing in the clever Easy-adjust bracket, crafted in stainless steel. Easy-adjust-brackets make it even easier to mount a patio heater on your wall. At the same time, you can move your patio heater from one wall to another, as you may wish, and also the brackets provide more options when it comes to adjusting the angle.

Easy-adjust-brackets are compatible with all models in the Carbon MASTER-series as well as PRO

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Mounting options for your Wishco