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Who is Wishco?

Wishco is Nordic - on the outside and on the inside

Wishco is heating lamps developed in the North and for the North. We are Nordic deep in our soul, and therefore used to the harsh climate, felt to the bones when the wind howls around our ears. We need warming up - but it has to be done in the right way, which is neither complicated, over-the-top pricey or damages the environment. And, also, it has to be nice. Out of these thoughts, the Wishco idea emerged: Heating lamps, prepared to withstand the climate in these parts, a sturdy "personality" and with an edgy attitude.

Wishco is heating with an attitude

Heating lamps are supposed to warm you up, make outdoor spaces cosy, add to the right ambience - and definitely not to be harmful towards our climate. That is our position, and we do not compromise on it. Therefore, we have had the clear vision, from the beginning, to strive for continuous improvement when it comes to our impact on climate and environment. We test, improve, and develop our technologies continuously, so that our heating lamps use the energy as efficiently as possible, use as little electricity as possible - and that the materials can be recycled, once a Wishco heating lamp, after many years, cannot operate anymore. That is Wishco at its core: environmentally conscious heating for everyone.

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Wishco is simple

You purchase a heating lamp, because you would like comfortable warmth when sitting outside - always, all the time. Therefore, it must be easy for you to use your heating lamp. No troublesome extensions, cables, gas containers or open fire. No having to climb to the attic to extract a heating lamp from a moving box. No having to carry the heating lamp outside, as soon as it gets chilly. Just simple, reliable warmth, for you to switch on when you go outside, and switch off when you go back inside. Heating, always ready for use. Simple and easy. That is Wishco.

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Wishco is quality

We are not being funny, when we provide a 3-year warranty and a quality stamp of approval from the TüV. We are entirely serious in highlighting the quality of our heating lamps. The best technology, the most innovative heating solutions, and the best "packaging" for those. With Wishco CarboTek® we get a highly efficient heating lamp, with Low-glare we get a significantly reduced, red residual light, and with the IR-technology we limit the loss of energy.

We produce heating lamps that are nice to look at, because they are made from good materials, in a minimalist design. We produce heating lamps that are effective - because that is necessary here in the North. We produce heating lamps that can withstand any kind of weather. We do that, because we want to produce the best heating lamps. That´s just how it is.

Wishcos heating lamps