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Exclusivity, clean lines, Nordic minimalism. That is Wishco PRO. And it is very special. With a timer function and heating regulation, PRO makes it even easier yet for you to stay warm. Simply, stylish, and easy.

  • 2000 watt
  • 1500 watt
  • PRO champagne produktbillede 1920x1080 Champagne
  • PRO silver produktbillede 1920x1080 Silver-white
  • PRO black produktbillede 1920x1080 Black
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More about PRO
As the name indicates, PRO is very professional. It does what it is supposed to do, but it also provides a little something extra in many ways. With its double lacquered aluminium, available in three elegant colours, not only can it withstand the weather in the North - but it also has a really sharp look, too. PRO is modern, and it radiates exclusivity and convenience. You see, you don´t even have to get up from the comfy cushions in the garden chair, when you need some warmth. Just use the remote control and adjust the heating. It´s as easy as that.

PRO is very special. Nice to look at and nice to use.

Product details:
Effect: adjustable 750/1500 watt or 1000/2000 watt
Covers up to:
– 1500 watt: 14 kvm
– 2000 watt: 17 kvm
Size: 780 x 135 x 125 mm (LxDxH)
Weight: 2,9 kg
Angel: +/- 45°

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