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Terms and conditions

This is how shopping works on Wishcos webplatform

Once you have found the product that you would like to purchase - and after choosing colour and model, for instance, - you simply add it to your shopping basket by clicking "Add".

Now, you have to fill in the required fields - and not until the next step do you approve your final order and payment. We will automatically send you an e-mail with the order confirmation on your purchase, and another e-mail once we have finished processing your order.

If you would like a copy of your invoice, simply send us an e-mail:

All prices in our webshop include VAT and other charges. The prices are daily prices.

When buying from Wishco, you purchase items solely via our webshop. If you have questions regarding items that you cannot find on our website, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail:

Secure payment
In our shop you can pay using a range of recognized payment cards such as, for instance, Dankort, Visa/Dankort, MasterCard and Visa. Under the payment module, in the payment section of the shopping module, you can see our updated list of possible payment solutions.

Please note: we do not debit the amount from your account before we ship your item.

It is safe to shop in the Wishco webshop, and we do not charge any fees in connection with the payment. At the same time, you have a guarantee that the largest amount that can be drawn from your account, is an amount of money that you have approved.

We will always encrypt all of your credit card information with the so-called SSL-protocol. This means that no unauthorized personnel can read your card number or any other information during the transaction.

Delivery and freight
We make it a priority that our customers are having a positive experience when shopping in our online store. Therefore, we provide delivery for free in the entire EU (with a few reservations). The expected delivery time in Scandinavia is, as a rule of thumb, 1-6 weekdays.

If you want to know more about delivery to your local area, you can read more about it in our section about delivery.

Right of complaint
We always provide a 2-year right of complaint in compliance with EU purchasing legislation, including massive faults due to errors in production or in the materials, and if these faults are found during normal use of the product. We hope you will take good care of your Wishco product. Your right to complaint lapses if faults, defects or wear and tear is/are a direct or indirect result of wrong use, insufficient maintenance, violence, or unauthorized intervention into the product.

Make sure to always examine your item upon delivery and take a good look at your product. Should you need to make use of your right to complaint regarding faults or defects, make sure to send us an e-mail within a reasonable timeframe. Send it to

In case of faults or defects on the product - or in case of a missing delivery of the item - please contact us as soon as possible.

Wishco Nordic, c/o Ackro, Smedeland 9-11, Gate 4, 2600 Glostrup, Danmark

Tel. No. +45 70 602 212

When returning an item to Wishco, please send it to the above address. Please note that we do not accept parcels sent using COD (Collect on Delivery).

If the complaint is just, we will, of course, reimburse you for your (reasonable) delivery costs. When returning the item, you must describe, in writing, what the problem is - as detailed as possible. Thus, we can hopefully avoid talking past each other.

Remember that the item must always be sent back in sound packaging. And we encourage you to get a receipt for your return, so that we may possibly reimburse you for the freight costs.

We are happy to exchange your item for another item - as long as the item you are returning to us is unused and in its original packaging, which may not be damaged. You will have to pay for the shipping of the item that you would like to exchange.
Please note that the exchange of items must happen within 30 days after you receive the first item from us.

Send your item to:

Wishco Nordic, c/o Ackro, Smedeland 9-11, Gate 4, 2600 Glostrup, Danmark

Then, simply place a new order in our webshop, containing the items that you would like to receive instead.

Right of withdrawal
Should you come to regret your purchase from our webshop, you have a right of withdrawal which lasts 14 days - to be counted from the day on which we shipped the item. In order to make use of your right of withdrawal, you must return the item to us - for more information, see "Returns". We will send you an e-mail, once we have registered your withdrawal. We do not accept parcels sent using COD (Collect on Delivery).

Please note: the item must be in sound packaging - and in the same state and number of components as when you received it initially.

The right of withdrawal lapses, therefore, if you use the item in a way which clearly deteriorate the sales value of the item, including that installation/mounting has been attempted. If you wish to return an item, include a copy of the invoice. Remember to include your bank account number so that we can reimburse you as soon as possible. When we have received the heating lamp and we have approved the return, we will refund the purchase amount to your bank account within a few days.

We do not provide a right of withdrawal on items which are not a part of the assortment, and which have been ordered especially upon request.

Please remember, also, that the original packaging can have a special importance to the value of the item. Therefore, always send the original packaging back to us if you want to make sure that the terms of your right of withdrawal are met.

Finally, you may simply refuse to receive the item upon delivery.

Data safety
We guarantee that no personal information, which is registered on the Wishco website, is handed over, sold, or made accessible for third parties. All information is securely stored - and will only be accessible for Wishco employees so that we may provide service in a correct and timely manner.

Electronic payment happens directly in the webshop system and via an encrypted method. A method which we used with the approval of the "e-mærket" organization.

The shop system uses cookies to control the contents of the shopping basket. A cookie is a file which is stored locally on your own computer. It is also possible to ask the system to store your address information for your next visit. If, at a later date, you wish to have the information deleted, this can easily be done in your own browser settings.

We use log statistics on our website, which means that a program collects information which can give a statistical picture of how many visitors we have on the site, where they come from and where on the website people tend to leave the shop, and so on. The log statistic is solely used for the purpose of optimizing the webshop.

Only Wishco Innovation employees have access to the information registered about you through our website. Wishco Innovation is data responsible for the Wishco website.

In connection with a purchasing process, you will need to give us your name, address, phone number and e-mail. The information is exclusively used for the processing of the order. The information is transmitted and stored electronically in a non-encrypted form and are retained for 5 years.

We also register the IP-address from where a purchase is made. Normally, that information is not used, however it may be used in a police investigation.

All fake orders are reported to the police.

You can join a Wishco mailing list, voluntarily, so that you can receive news and other pieces of information from Wishco Innovation, continuously. You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from this service at any time, as you may wish.

Cf. the legislation regarding personal information, we will, upon request, give information about registered data and, upon objections, we will delete information to the extent that you may wish.

Wishco Innovation takes reservation for errors in print or writing - such as a typing error in prices or product descriptions, sold-out items, as well as errors in product information from our suppliers.

If you have any questions, we are always ready to give you an answer via e-mail. Write to us at

We will answer e-mails within 48 hours weekdays. The Wishco webshop is an “e-mærket” certified online store. When shopping in webshops that are “e-mærket” certified, you will always have access to the “e-mærket” consumer telephone hotline.