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Frequently asked questions


  • Yes! All Wishco-products - heating lamps as well as brackets, basepods and cables - are made for the Nordic climate. You can leave them outside all year round.

  • The heating effect in the heating lamp has to do with the amount of watt in the heating lamp. The higher the input, measured in Watt, the more warmth can be produced and emitted from the heating lamp. Therefore, you should choose a Wishco with more Watt, if you would like your heating lamp to cover a larger area.

  • The best thing about for instance the MASTER-heating lamp is that the heat can be adjusted. This means, that you are in control of how much heat they are to emit. Depending on the effect, the operating costs will typically start at 0.27 EURO If you turn up the heat, the costs will be a bit higher.

    Compared to the traditional heater running on gas, the operating costs of a Wishco are 80-85% smaller on the same amount of square meters to be warmed - and it is better for the environment, since Wishco does not directly emit any CO2.

  • Wishco can withstand the harsh weather here in the North - on the outside, with sturdy materials, and on the inside, with innovative technology. That works. At the same time, all heating lamps from Wishco have been approved by the TüV. Thus, if you take care of your Wishco, it will last for many years.

  • A Wishco-heating lamp will reach a temperature of up to 65 degrees on the back - and a mere 3 cm from the back of the lamp the temperature is the same as the one in the air in the surroundings. Therefore, it can be installed safely and easily, anywhere. However, you must keep in mind that the front grill on the front of the lamp will become hot, and therefore it must never be touched when the heating lamp is in operation - or immediately after the heating lamp has been turned off. We don´t want you to suffer any burns.

  • That depends on your choice. We have developed heating lamps for large and for small areas - depending on what your needs may be. Wishco heating lamps heat up up to 14-22 square meters. In the description of the individual heating lamp, you can see the area covered by the heating from the specific type of heating lamp.

  • Wishcos heaters are made with CarboTek®, carbon-based heating elements, where coal fibres play an important part. The performance is high in the heating elements as it is, but we have raised the bar and placed a halogen-based gas in an interaction with the heating element, which boosts the efficiency by at least 16% - and that combination enables the heater to provide warmth for everyone in the comfort zone in a matter of seconds.

  • Yes! And it can withstand a snowstorm as well. A Wishco has been secured from water entry and it has the tightness classification IP X5.

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