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Heating lamps in a great design

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3 models - same great performance

We have made it easy for you to find the Wishco-product that is best suited to meet your needs. One thing, on which we will never compromise, is the Wishco quality and performance, which you will find in all models. At the same time, we are proud of the fact that the annoying, glaring, red residual light has been significantly reduced in the Wishco-series.

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Wishco MINI is our smallest heating lamp, which despite its size gives you a comfortable warmth in an area of up to 17 square meters. MINI is available in black or white, and as the name indicates, it is not very big. Therefore, it fits in practically everywhere.

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Heating lamps - a summer night

Have you ever had an otherwise perfectly nice and cosy summer´s evening on the patio interrupted, because all of a sudden it has become too cool out there on the terrace or the balcony? You will never have quite the same ambience if you have to move inside. With an outdoor heating lamp from Wishco, the evening can proceed without interruptions.

With a Wishco you will both prolong a great evening with friends and family, but also the summer in general, because it enables you to enjoy your patio and balcony outside the summer season. The best thing about a Wishco is that it differentiates itself both in terms of technology, heating effectivity and the competitive pricing, so that everyone may experience the joy of having the perfect heating lamp for the balcony or the patio.

A heating lamp with infrared heatwaves

Wishco products emit infrared heating waves and they do not run on gas. The advantage with this type of outdoor heating is that they only heat up that which the heating waves can reach. So, an infrared heating lamp does not warm up the air, and therefore you will avoid a lot of energy-waste and be warmed up at the same time. As soon as you turn on your Wishco, the infrared waves will start warming you up.

A Wishco heating lamp is not noisy, and you will not get a lot of soot on your garden furniture and other things around it, which would otherwise be one of the big disadvantages of other types of patio heaters.

PRO champagne T produktbillede 1920x1080 PRO champagne produktbillede 1920x1080


PRO is the heating lamp especially developed for the hotel- and restaurant industry. It is affordable in terms of operation costs and covers up to 17 square meters. PRO has a 2-step remotely controlled heating regulation, which ensures that it is always easy to regulate the temperature, so that it is suitable and optimized. PRO is especially sturdy, and therefore the ideal model for all-year-round use.

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Do you want a heating lamp that covers a larger area, you must choose our MASTER. It covers an area of up to 22 square meters - and with its remotely controlled 4-step heating regulation and timer-functionality, it is perfect for balconies and the terrace.

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Get a heating lamp in a durable design

The quality you will get with a Wishco, is quite fantastic. No matter which of our heating lamps you prefer, you will have the guarantee of a machine with a long product lifetime.
You will get our products at a very competitive price, and at the same time you will also get a lot of quality for your money. In addition, our outdoor heating lamps are designed for the Danish climate and can hang outside in the rain - and they are not as sensitive to wind as many other patio heaters on the market.

Wishco are heating lamps for you if you are looking for value for money.

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