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Patio heater to be placed on the floor

A patio heater is essential if you are living in Denmark - when the weather is changeable and goes from balmy to chilly in mere moments, you need to be able to switch on some outdoor heating. If you have a patio, balcony, garden, or outdoor space – Wishcos patio heater on a basepod is perfect for you. 

Wishco has produced two different basepods for patio heaters. You can use them where you can´t install your patio heater in any other way, or if you merely wish to be able to move the heating around. If you are lucky enough to own several balconies or terraces, you should not have to be limited by a stationary heating solution in only one of the outdoor spaces. With Wishcos patio heater for the floor, it is easy to bring along the warmth. 

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For the level surface – Basepod

The elegant basepod is made of stainless steel and weighs 9.2 kg. Thereby, the basepod is very stable, so that you need not worry about your standing patio heater falling over. Basepod is ideal for you, if you wish to lift your patio heater from the ground. You see, the basepod for the patio heater can be adjusted in height from 1140 mm to 2050 mm, and a safety split is included, of course.

The basepod is easy to assemble and disassemble when you move things around and move the heating from one place to another. Therefore, it never takes very long to move your cosy corner from for instance the patio facing east and to the patio facing west.

The basepod is made for the Scandinavian weather and it can stand outside all year round – just like all Wishco patio heaters. You need not take your patio heater for the floor inside, once the summer has gone.

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For all kinds of surface – Tripod

The Wishco Tripod is particularly well suited for you if you want to be able to place your patio heater anywhere - and without installation. The clever thing about Tripod is that it can stand almost anywhere and on all types of solid surfaces: on the patio, the balcony, in the garden, in the caravan park, in the gazebo, etc. With the Tripod you will have ample opportunity to bring along the heating, wherever you may wish. The perfect solution for a patio heater developed for placement on the floor!

The tripod is available as a snazzy model lacquered in black, suitable for the Scandinavian weather, of course. It weighs no more than 2.8 kg and therefore it is easy to bring along. The height of the tripod is adjustable from 1100 mm to 1780 mm.

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Standing patio heater: easy and durable

When you choose a standing patio heater, you are always sure of a warranty of 2 years. Both basepod and tripod are made for the Danish weather, so that we know that it is going to last. Also, we have made sure that both basepods are as easy to handle as our patio heaters. It is very simple to install the various Wishco models on the Basepod or the Tripod. Just follow our installation guide here.

Tripod and basepod for Wishco patio heaters are sold separately.

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