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Patio heater, hanging

Wishco innovation

When you have a hanging patio heater, the cosy times need not end at sundown. Meta-tekst: With a hanging patio heater from Wishco you will get the ultimate warmth on your balcony or terrace, even when the shadows grow longer, and the warmth of the day slowly disappears. The patio heater is easy to install on the ceiling, and you can adjust the heating using the remote control or the timer functionality.

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Patio heater, hanging, for installation in a parasol or awning - MINI

Due to its size, Wishcos MINI model is perfect for installation in a parasol, for instance. If you have a parasol in the middle of the garden table or on a stand next to the table, it is easy to install MINI as a hanging patio heater in the parasol. It is also a perfect solution for you, if mounting a heater on the ceiling is not possible.

MINI is available in black as well as silver white, and with its minimalist design it will fit right in anywhere.

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Patio heater, hanging, for the ceiling or an awning - PRO and MASTER

Wishco PRO has been developed especially for restaurants and hotels, because it is perfect for outdoor serving and it creates a nice and warm ambience. It is made for direct installation in the ceiling or a strong awning, so that the guests will always feel comfortably warm while enjoying a drink or a tasty dish.
PRO covers an area of up to 17 square meters and it is available in black as well as silver white or champagne, so that it will fit in anywhere without attracting undue attention.

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PRO has been developed with Wishcos CarboTek®-based heating elements, giving the heating lamp a unique performance. You will only find that in the most exclusive top-quality products on the market. In addition, PRO has a two-step regulation, so that you can adjust the heating on 2 levels - the ideal hanging patio heater.

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MASTER is the other patio heater from Wishco which can be hung, and it is the best buy on the market. The great performance and the many functionalities of the patio heater makes it very hard indeed to find a similar product with the same quality and with the same pricing. Like all Wishco patio heaters, MASTER is weather resistant and created for the Danish climate. Therefore, it can hang outside all year without problems.

MASTER is available in black or silver white and it covers up to 22 square meters. MASTER comes with a 4-step regulator, giving you even more options in terms of adjustment. MASTER is the superior patio heater for the ceiling.

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Timer functionality, so you need not turn the heating lamp on and off yourself

With a patio heater hanging high above your outdoor space, it can be a bit of a hazzle to turn it on and off. Therefore, both PRO and MASTER come with a timer functionality, so that you can set it for when you want the patio heater to start. So, you will not have to worry about being able to reach the patio heater, installed high up on the ceiling, for you do not have to switch it on manually. In addition, a remote control is included when you receive the hanging patio heaters from Wishco, so if you need heating outside the pre-programmed times, you just switch it on, of course, and the warmth will be instantly available.

When you decide to go for a hanging patio heater and you choose one of the three models from Wishco, you will have a 3-year warranty and a price guarantee as well.

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